How Your Sales Team Can Use Videos to Close More Deals


Did you know that recent Google studies show that 70% of B2B buyers and researchers watch videos as part of their progression toward making a purchase? That’s a huge increase of 52% from just two years, and the quantity of video watched is also huge – around 30 minutes of video on average during the research process.

In other words, video has definitively become a part of the decision making process for B2B companies, which gives all of us a powerful tool to use when closing deals and pushing up sales numbers. If you’re looking for a way to turn more leads into sales, it may be time to focus more on your video content and video-related outreach. Here are the top reasons that video has become so effective in the B2B world.

Fluid and In-Depth Explanations

There are some explanations that work best as a video – think of these videos like slideshows, but with the ability to slip seamlessly back and forth between any necessary footage. It’s a medium that can easily transcend text and photos when you have to describe something that’s more complicated. B2B researchers find it much easier to follow along with longer explanations if they are put into video form, which makes this format ideal for introducing important concepts and processes.

Recorded Demonstrations of Products

In other cases, what a B2B buyer really needs is a clear demonstration of how a product works out on the site or in the office. It would be amazing if we could all bring a test product out to every single lead and show them personally how it works and why it’s worth the expense, but most businesses can’t do that. However, what your business can do is create an effective video demonstration showing how a product works in the wild. A good video will take care of the questions that a buyer has and help lead them more confidently toward a purchase. No one likes unknowns, so use video to get rid of them!

Doesn’t Require Attending a Presentation

Time and location are other important factors when trying to establish a client relationship. Not every buyer has the time or inclination to sit through a whole presentation, which requires travel, time, small talk, etc. But they may still be interesting in your products and services! You can get the best of both worlds by using online videos to explain your pitch – they take less time, and you can be sure you get the pitch absolutely right. Plus, these videos can be used everywhere, from your home page to social media.

Easy to Share with Others, Particularly Decision Makers

Often, the researchers that are looking at your videos are the decision-makers. That happens higher up the chain, and those decision makers need to be convinced that you are the brand worth working with. Videos provide very effective evidence for these decision-makers. Researchers can take videos to their bosses and managers and say, “Here, watch this, it explains why I like this option.” Basically, you don’t have to trust anyone else to represent you if you have a stock of good videos available.

Repurposing Content for Effective Engagement

Webinars and livestreams can also be very effective video – and not just in the moment! After a successful webinar, it’s a good idea to look through the recorded footage and see if there are any short clips that do a particularly good job of explaining your brand or your offering. Include these clips with your next round of emails and social media. It’s basically free content that will help persuade more leads through the power of video!

Walking Through the Buying Process

Many B2Bs want a very careful explanation of how the buying process works, what payment options they have, how their data will be secured, and how the supply chain will function when it comes to shipping. It can be difficult to explain all that in a report without people losing interest. A video, however, is an ideal medium to lay out these processes step by step so that buyers have no questions about how the transactions work, making them more comfortable and more likely to purchase.

Showcasing Testimonials in Effective Ways

Videos also excel at testimonials! Unlike a written testimonial, a video can show emotion, connect buyers with your previous customers, show actual footage of the results, and contribute to overall “social proof,” or the evidence of other happy buyers. For your next testimonial or case study, try making a video instead of just a quote box!



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