“I Don’t Like Technology, My Manufacturing Business Is People”

techonlogy for a manufacturing business

Who needs the Internet?! Most manufacturing companies were built on relationships face-to-face right?

We understand. You’ve built your manufacturing company on relationship marketing. You take pride in your products, you take an interest in your employees, and you appreciate your customers. Who needs the internet, right?

Well, if you have an interest in maintaining and growing your company, you do.

Technology and the Buying Process

Technology has changed the way businesses do business with each other. Prospects are conducting their own research. They are using social media for advice and recommendations. They are checking online reviews and reputations. Much of the buying process is happening online before you even know they are a potential customer. On the surface, this may seem impersonal. In reality, it increases the value of personal relationships and provides a remarkable opportunity. It allows you to put information about you and your company in front of prospects before they make the decision to buy.

It gives you the opportunity to attract customers to your website and then to demonstrate your capabilities and your company values. It provides the chance for them to sample your expertise and customer service when doing their research. But this does not happen by accident. It happens with a strategic B2B inbound marketing plan.

Our Free Guide Can Show You the Way

Download our free guide, The Manufacturing Guide to Business Growth: Create and Strengthen New Relationships with Inbound Marketing

The guide outlines a growth strategy for manufacturers that recognize the value of personal relationships while implementing techniques that take advantage of using internet marketing for manufacturing. It is an inbound marketing and sales strategy for manufacturers who want to continue to grow without aggressive sales tactics.

Our free guide is designed specifically for businesses who are in the manufacturing segment. The book will,

• Address the way their prospects are using technology today.

• Show you how to use your knowledge to demonstrate your expertise and direct prospects to your company. Doesn’t attracting customers sound better than chasing?!

• Provide a vehicle for you to show your company’s values.

• See how social media, blogs, email and other internet marketing tactics work in concert to build your online reputation and give you a larger presence.

• Enable you to create a process that is fully accountable.

Who needs the internet? We think you might and we want to help!

The rules of sales and marketing have certainly changed and we can help guide you to grow trust in your business through the internet. 

Check it out here and begin to attract new customers to your organization. 


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