6 Ways You Can Increase Your Open Rate on Email Campaigns

Emails are still an excellent way to share detailed information with leads, and can be a powerful vehicle for CTAs, too! But to run a successful email campaign, you need a good open rate: Leads can receive a lot of emails on any given day, and yours need to stand out enough to win a look. So let’s take a look at the best ways to get those eyeballs!

1. Understand the Different Types of Emails You Can Send (and When to Send Them)

Create your emails based on the purpose of the email: There are several common types to work with. For example, a welcome email greets leads when they sign up to receive your emails, letting them know you care. A nurture email helps grows your brand by talking about your goals, company news, how products work, and so on. A promotion email is specifically designed to focus on a CTA, usually for a product or service, and why leads should be interested in it. If you have an online business, then Marketing Land smartly suggests adding “cart abandonment” emails for those who looked at certain products and even put them in their online cart, but haven’t bought anything yet.

2. Create Emails to be Read on Mobile Devices

It’s a mobile, mobile, mobile world these days, which means that a lot of leads will be looking at your emails from their mobile devices. With smaller screensizes, that means they’ll typically have access to less information when they make their decision about whether or not to open the email.

This means that subjects lines both 1)could be shorter and 2)are more important than ever for winning attention. That’s a tricky place to be! We suggest spending a little extra time on your subject line, distilling it down to one great phrase that makes people want to find out more.

3. Have Time? Create Different Email Segments

One of the most effective email improvements you can make is to personalize emails, making them all about the viewer with details about where you met, your business relationship, the products they asked about, and so on. Unfortunately, a large email campaign may not leave much time to write everyone a personalized email.

Your strategy should be twofold. First, divide your leads and create a top tier of potential buyers that are worth creating personalized emails for, even if it takes a little longer. Second, segment your target audience and create a few different email “types” focusing on different personalities, different product groups, and so on. This type of segmentation has been proven to improve open rates if you are willing to work at it!

4. Remember that Timing for Email Isn’t Quite the Same as Social Media

Particularly in the B2B world, people tend to check email at work and switch to a different account at home, so sending emails during busy work hours can actually be a good idea. Some “urgent” wording about limited deals or opportunities may help as well, but use this sparingly. Generally try to avoid sending emails over the weekend unless you are marketing an upcoming event.

5. Focus on Quality over Quantity with Email Campaigns

One easy way to ruin an email campaign and get leads to stop opening your messages is to send too many of them in too short a period of time. Keep your emails rich in content but sparing in number: When someone gets an email from a brand every day, it’s not long before they start seeing it all as spam, no matter how hard you worked on all of them.

6. Avoid Repetition, Caps, and other Spam Filter Magnets

We mentioned this a little in some of our other advice on email marketing, but it’s very important to avoid spam filters these days. Those filters crack down on what are often “cheap” email tactics like repeating the same ad phrases over (Cheap prices! Great deals! And so on), or using lots of all caps. Spam filters can vary a bit, but they usually work through these obvious signs. Keep your emails original, thoughtful, and descriptive to help increase visibility – and open rates.



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