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There are a whole lot of “hacks” for Facebook business pages out there, and most of them are crap. General advice like “use good photos” isn’t a hack, it’s just general advice. So we’re taking a stand for the high-quality hacks that are actually out there: It’s time that people get some real tricks to use when updating their Facebook strategy, and we’ve got a few Facebook marketing hacks about just what you can try to improve your engagement numbers.

1. Expand the Usability of Your Business Page

Most people visit a business page to check on hours, location, see reviews and contact info: That’s valuable information, and it’s probably why you have a business page in the first place, but your Facebook page can do so much more than that – and you really need to be using it to the fullest potential. These days you can create a variety of different shops and other revenue-earning objects on your Facebook business page – there’s a whole official (from Facebook) website devoted to the process with excellent examples of how it works. And that’s not even getting into the possibility of chatbots and other add-ons to increase the value of your page. So don’t leave your page static, and don’t leave it boring: Use Facebook to the fullest extent if you really want to draw in an audience.

2. Use the DAT Formula

DAT is an audience analysis tool that can help if you are trying to find and target an audience but struggling with long-term goals and success. It stands for delivery, actions, and time.

  • Delivery – the gender and age of your target audience: Yes, this still matters on Facebook, because it’s a massively popular social network that people from all generations use. Find out how the age and gender of your target audience, and how that set of people prefers to use Facebook.
  • Actions – what conversion options your audience responds to: In other words, do they seem to prefer ads? Are they more likely to interact with posts and links? Would they buy directly from your business page? If you don’t know, it’s time to do some research and find out what Facebook channels are the most effective.
  • Time – What time of day and frequency your audience prefers: This varies based on the worklife and habits of your audience, so it is worth some study. Broad trends can only offer so much advice here. Ultimately, you need to find out how your particular customers behave. Then let it affect your posts.

3. Spend Less Time On Click-Through

This sounds a little odd, but it’s one of the best pieces of advice we’ve found. Click-through is an extremely popular metric to use for Facebook ads…but it doesn’t tell you much. That’s because click-through focuses on the very early stages of the sales funnel, and doesn’t account for customer behavior further. Because of the way Facebook shopping and decision-making work, many people who click on ads never progress to a sale. If your ads are generating a lot of clicks but no sales, they aren’t a success (however tempting it may be to frame it that way), they are an outright failure. So drill down further, look at sales data, and hold your ads and posts up to a higher standard – one that actually makes you money.

4. Give Ads Time

Business can get very impatient when it comes to Facebook ads. There’s a mentality that if an ad doesn’t generate much data within the first couple of days it needs to be stopped before it costs the business money. Hold on there: That’s not enough time to tell much of anything about a Facebook ad. It’s not even enough time to collect usable data, especially for smaller audiences. Give your ads some time – preferably well above a thousand views, for example – before you take a look at the results and decide to change anything.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Create a Fan Page to Fuel Your Business Page

If you depend on customer loyalty and your brand has a lot of local fans, think about creating a fan page or Group. It’s a good way to share news and events and draw more people over to your business page, while still giving them a safe space of their own.

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