Anyone who knows 21 Handshake owner, Isaac, knows that he constantly has 100 ideas and thoughts running through his brain at all times. And while we admire his excitement and creativity, finding a productive way to channel it has been a challenge!

This blog is a result of that. Every Friday Isaac will be sharing insight and lessons about owning a business and working in the digital marketing space. For now, we’re calling it “Isaac’s 21 Thought’s” because he usually has that many (and more!) rolling around his brain at all times. This format may change as we get him to document more and more of his consciousness. Thoughts for the week of 12/11/17- 12/15/17

1. Don’t Quit Too Early

I know some people who will commit to doing something for a full year before they pass judgment

2. I Repeat, Change is Good

It’s amazing how a good company can become dysfunctional simply by a few people choosing to be romantic about their ideas, beliefs, etc.

3. Video is King

Google projects over 80% of all content consumed on the Internet will be video by 2020

4. Health has to be taken into your own hands 

Something I have been dealing with for years because I trusted what my doctor had told me. Trusting one medical opinion is risky as hell. A medical practice is truly a practice.

5. Productivity Isn’t Always Have to be About Environment

A member of my team shared this with me this week and it really hit me, “I realized for me that productivity levels are based on a mindset. Not an environment. Mental health has never been more important in my professional life before.” – Ashley Mamula, Project Manager

6. Struggling with Productivity?

“This week I’ve seen the benefit of starting and ending your days earlier. To emphasize on the most productive hours of my day.” – Troy Spolema, Graphic Designer/ Video Producer

7. Mental Health is Good for Business

The importance of “me” time. I feel that I often spread myself too thin and have mini burnouts where I feel as though I am a lifeless zombie. Protect the time spent improving myself, improving my skills, and having some time to de-stress.

8. Balance Should Be Apart of Your Culture

Finding the right balance in your work, personal, family, social life, etc is apparently an ongoing thing. Show your employees you value them by promoting balance.

9. Live Outside Your Comfort Zone But Don’t Compromise

This past week I’ve thought about the importance of putting yourself outside of your comfort zone but not doing it too much where you compromise who you are. To still be yourself and to listen to your gut on occasion.

10. Public Service Announcement:

Text me Merry Christmas is a really really stupid Christmas song. (I know you want to look it up now… )

11. Entertainment Should Be Apart of Your Content Strategy

The most shared content on Facebook in 2017 was music videos….don’t discredit the value that entertainment plays in promoting your brand.

12. Social Media is About Story Telling

This article by Gary Vee is a good one about “evoke a reaction“.

13. This Holiday Season Don’t Forget,

The joy is in the giving, not the getting. A great mindset for not only your personal life but professional. Show your customers you appreciate them.

14. Net Neutrality… Let’s Talk About It

Net Neutrality is MESSY. But government always is.

15. This is IMPORTANT

The decision to repeal the rules of net neutrality could change the entire landscape of the internet as we know it. This is not something to ignore. Stay in the know and plan for big changes to come.

16. Who Is Really in Control?

Our Visual Content Manager, Aleks Vizulis, said it best. “I am really surprised that large Internet-based companies like Netflix, Instagram, Facebook, Google etc. didn’t lobby harder against the repeal.”

17.  Plan For The Worst

While this decision isn’t totally official, the best business advice I can give you is not plan for the worst. Don’t do anything and hope it turns out okay because you will end up left in the dust.

18. The End of Net Neutrality Will Change The Way Consumers Behave

Just as many we’re getting a grasp on how to reach consumers online and learn their behavior, the FCC has come to change everything. Do your research as to how this will change the way people buy online. Be prepared.

19. On A Lighter Note, 

If you work in the social media marketing and don’t listen to Buffer’s podcast “The Science of Social Media“, you are missing out.

20. Goodbye 2017

As a new year approaches, it has never been a better time to reevaluate your business/marketing strategy.

21. I Shouldn’t Have To Tell You This…

But the world is always evolving. So make sure your business is as well. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, CHANGE IS GOOD. Embrace it.