Key Phrase Options to Convert Transactional User Intent into Customers

Now we come to transactional user intent – the last and most fun type of user intent, because it means you’re about to make a sale! These users are searching for your company or products because they want to make a purchase ASAP. Your job is to help them out and give them that one last push over the edge. So, what phrases work best at the tail end of the sales funnel? Let’s take a look at the phrases you need to start including!

Information Giveaway

These phrases are perfect for buyers who want to learn more before they choose the exact purchase that’s right for them – and can be particularly effective in B2B circles. Your goal here is to encourage buyers to learn more. Phrases like “download eBook” or “listen to audio” can help out here. Remember to use indicators like “product catalog” and “product listings” so buyers know where to go to study specs before making a purchase. If you have a newsletter or some similar type of work, then you should also include a “sign up” option. Obviously, these phrases also work well for informational user intent.

Apply and Buy

These are the bread-and-butter phrases that take transactional users to the next step. “Buy now” or “place order” are classics. You may also need “receive your price quote” or “apply for financing,” depending on the business model. “Reserve” and “purchase” are also popular. Here the goal is to make a very obvious CTA for impatient buyers who just want to get to the next step. Make it a nice big button with color contrast, too!

Communication Invitation

For particularly complex or customized orders, buyers will usually want to talk to a representative before or during their purchase. That means including phrases that offer just the kind of communication that they want, like “chat” or “schedule appointment” or “call now.” These CTAs invite the buyer into the product ordering process while also giving them extra attention and answering their questions so they don’t drop off at the last moment.

Appeal of the Deal

Yep, people love deals, and this is no exception – so make sure you include some phrases that attract buyers who want to save or check out your deals. That includes “free shipping” and “free estimate” as well as classics like “discounts” or “coupons” or “special promotion.” Once a buyer is checking out your deals, it’s more likely they will make a purchase and easier to cross sell if possible. If you really want to market, then you may want to shout it out with phrases like, “limited time deals!” or “hot sales!” or “apply now for promotion!”

Professional Posterchild

It’s important to appear professional and capable when making a sale. You can convey this professionalism in many ways. First, offer assistance. Phrases that “help” or “recommend” appeal to buyers who want a little more customer service before they finally hit “pay now.” Professional phrases also tend to vary based on industry. You’ll want to include phrases that identify you as an experienced member of your business community, the lingo that shows you know what you are doing. There is a line where your content can become too casual, especially for B2B buyers, and you may be losing sales if you don’t sound professional enough.

Solid Reasoning

Buffer has a really great analysis of content phrases, and in particular how reasoning phrases can create far more successful conversions. These are phrases like “because” and “accordingly” and “as a result.” Fancier versions include “consequently” and “thus.” You see, buyers innately love being given reasons for things. They want to know why deals are happening, how products are better, why ordering works the way it does and more. Not only does this show that your company knows how to communicate, it indicates that you aren’t hiding anything, and that you will be able to answer any future questions as well.

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