Facebook is a powerful platform for any marketer, a forum that can not only reach millions of people at any given moment, but one that allows you to narrow your audience to desirable potentials. So what gives? Your ads aren’t making the mark you hoped they would, and you feel like you’re barely a blip on the radar in your respective industry. You’ve got Facebook ads, but they aren’t converting at the rates you were aiming for – or, even worse, aren’t converting at all. It’s time to take your marketing temperature and make sure you’re using these 5 proven strategies for a killer Facebook ad campaign:

1.) Make sure your audience actually wants what you’re offering.

Bear in mind that this doesn’t translate to, “Does this person want this X product I’m selling?” in terms of your approach. It refers specifically to the way you’re getting them introduced or hooked on your concept. What differentiates your business from competitors? A money-off offer or a free-with-purchase offer can serve as your “hook” here, giving them a reason to jump at the chance to buy from you, rather than a competitor. Working in urgency, such as a limited time only structure, will also help emphasize the value of your offer – just don’t overdo it on exclamation points or hard selling.

2.) Check that your copy is communicating something that resonates and provides substance.

In addition to the “hook” mentioned above, you will need to explain how your product or service will change the life of the reader. Capture your audience’s attention by referring to their need specifically, and how your product or service is going to solve it, rather than leaning hard on demographics. Avoid using personal attributes – “Hey, Women over 50!” – to ensure that your copy is reaching the widest audience without alienating any readers.

3.) Put your creative elements to work.

Skip the stock photos! Instead, create original photographs or illustrations that are on-brand and use your style, font, colors, and so on. If you have an unusual niche and aren’t sure what images convey your message, try searching your keywords on engines like Google images for ideas. The results are based on search volume and clicks, so it’s like getting a peek directly inside your audience’s minds. Avoid garish “hard sell” imagery like obnoxious red arrows or bright colors, particularly if they clash with your brand.

4.) Make sure your ad and landing page agree.

Digital Marketer calls this phenomena “Ad Scent,” Wordstream calls it “Message Match,” and Hubspot calls it “Alignment” – however you slice it, it’s one of the best strategies for keeping sales leads invested in your message. In a nutshell, it’s making sure that the offer(s) in your ad appear in an immediate and obvious way on the landing page so the journey never feels like a bait-and-switch situation. Use similar colors, consistent tone and congruent images in both your ad and landing page and you’ll avoid scaring off leads before you can really have a conversation with them.

5.) Make sure you’re talking to the right people.

Again, you’ll need to focus on your audience’s problems and collective consciousness, rather than individual attributes. Keep it broad and appeal to their needs – be specific, do research, focus on your audience’s interests and less on demographics to ensure that your ad is coming across as a solution, not a sell.

If your Facebook ads start incorporating these 5 points, you’ll start seeing better results sooner, rather than later. No one likes to be “sold to,” after all, so make sure your ad “listens” by authentically acknowledging both the reader’s problem and your solution.

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