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While casting a wide net is important for building brand recognition, you already have some incredible clients and customers waiting to find you – and you likely share a post office with them. Local business marketing puts you in touch with customers and clients in your immediate geographical area, letting you strike while the proverbial iron is hot when it comes to following up on leads. Local customers easily become repeat customers, spreading word-of-mouth advertising and helping establish (or support) a stellar reputation as well. A local connection lets your audience get your products and services more quickly and examine them in person, giving you an edge over online-only competitors.


Our exciting Facebook Growth Package puts your brand front-and-center with your social media audience, setting up a campaign, taking short social media videos on-site at your business, and even designing a contest to produce a lead-rich list of new followers to boost sales. We’ll monitor the entire process for you over 30 days, provide you a report, and give expert guidance on how to make the most of your list.



Start here with your next social media campaign. Our social media services help you reach your prospect at the right time, at the right place – where they are already hanging out – on social media! We manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google + profiles. From micro-videos to unique social posts, our team can craft the perfect outreach campaign to make your social soar.


Our video / photo team captures YOUR brand in action! Whether it’s a FAQ video, customer testimonials or professional headshots count on our team to provide your business with professional photo and videos that you can use for your own digital marketing efforts. Ready to market your business with drone video? Our licensed drone pilots at High Five Drone Productions create aerial videography that showcase your business from the sky


Not sure where to start? Start here. Our one on one consulting services provide you with a starting point to build the best digital marketing strategy that will bring your business success. We understand technology and the way business is done has and will continue to change rapidly. Our consulting services focus on educating you through the technology landscape, so you can feel confident about the next digital marketing step for your business.

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