Today, the podcast dives in with a special guest – Paige Cornetet, a Gallup StrengthsFinder expert and entrepreneur with Millennial Guru! Chances are good that you’ve heard about the StrengthsFinder course or a similar workshop that’s designed to pinpoint the strengths and key natural abilities of employees. These sorts of tests and studies have become common as a way to try and improve teamwork, learn more about employees, or find good advice for a future career path.

But do these tests work, and do they work the same for everyone? Paige gives important details to help us – and you – understand the StrengthsFinder process better!

The Divide in “Discovering Strengths”

Millennials have a pretty good idea why StrengthFinders and similar programs can be useful – they can use the information they find about themselves and others in a variety of ways, especially when it comes to making decisions about being entrepreneurs or being part of a team.

Of course, it isn’t the same for all professionals…and the age gap in particular can be a challenge here. To many older workers, or workers in industries where “finding strengths” isn’t common, the whole process can seem unnecessary, or a waste of time…or they may have bad memories from older personality tests that weren’t as well-developed or useful.

For older generations, it’s important to emphasize that there’s no way to fail these tests: They are simply important tools to figure out how people work together, how people lead, and where people can be passionate. They can also provide valuable information about what qualities people have that they didn’t even know about!

Strengths Workshops Don’t Have to Be Hard

First, these workshops don’t have to be time consuming – although they are frequently intense! For leaders worried about wasting days of productivity, it will be a relief to learn that most StrengthsFinder workshops only last around 5 hours, and that’s for the whole team! Set aside a day for the activity, and that should be all the time you need. Activities are managed by experts like Paige, who can adjust the course for the size of the team and the type of industry so that the process is as efficient as possible every time.

The team-based nature of these workshops is particularly important. You see, you aren’t just finding out your own strengths (which you may already have a good idea about, especially if you’ve taken tests in the past). You are also learning about the strengths of your peers and coworkers, what they respond to, and what motivates them…which can be very valuable in the future.

The workshops also include activities that teach teams to work together as a whole, sharing multiple strengths to find values and solutions. With so much going on, there’s a lot of value packed into those several hours, especially if you have a team that’s going to be working together for the long term and can benefit from learning about each other.

Finding Strengths Produces Results

StrengthsFinder itself provides a customized guide based on what individual strengths are found, which people can peruse and use in the future – giving the results some longer-lasting value. But from a broader view, finding strengths has many surprising benefits for the company.

For example, finding strengths can often lead to a change in perspective and new ideas, as people think, “Oh, wow, I never realized that about myself/others, that’s very interesting!” This new viewpoint can 1)redefine expectations on the job and 2)help people look for better ways to create productivity and get their jobs done.

In other words, finding strengths isn’t just about personal growth – it’s about finding ways for the company to grow, too! When people learn more about each other, they have a greater ability to find better solutions in their daily jobs, so everyone wins. There’s also plenty of additional potential for employees who are inspired by their results to seek out new training or new positions in the company where they can feel fulfilled.

You can listen to the full podcast to learn more about Paige and her services, but we would also love to know your thoughts! Have you taken StrengthsFinder or a similar test at your organization? Did it help people become more productive? Connect with us on social media @21handshake and share what you learned! If you loved the episode, give us a five-star rating and share with a friend!