Does your blogging job end once you hit the Publish/Schedule button? If you have any experience in blog marketing, you probably know the answer is no! Once published, a blog post…sits there. People subscribed to your blog may get an update, depending on how the blog is set up. But there’s no guarantee anyone is going to read it.

For today’s podcast, we’re taking a closer look at the work you can do after a blog post is published – all the little tricks that will help guarantee that people will see and interact with your blog post!

First: Yes, You Probably Need a Blog

If you are still on the fence about blog activity and how important it is, here’s a reminder from Tech Client: You have a 434% higher chance of being ranked highly on search engines if you feature your blog as a major part of your website. Blogs matter! They are versatile, easy to digest, and – in the right hands – highly visible. Even if your blog isn’t a major part of your website, simply having a blog as part of your content marketing mix will net you around 67% more leads than companies without a blog. We hope that settles that question!

Make Sure Your Blog is Ready for Ongoing Attention

For the best SEO results and blog “shareability” it’s important to make sure your blog post makes a great first impression on people and algorithms. Make sure your blog includes elements such as:

Visuals: Images and video are excellent additions to any blog. They help with consumption, and algorithms appear to favor them as well. Feature at least one primary image, and for longer posts include one or two secondary images as well. Any sort of animated visual is also a good idea.

Optimization: Find an excellent keyword for your post, and include it in the title! You can populate your post with a few versions of your keyword, but don’t go overboard here because Google is very sensitive to overstuffing. Write an excellent meta description for your post, and tag any images correctly as well.

Blog Promotion the Smart Way

Next, you want to make sure that your blog can be seen by a broad audience – and that means sharing it in effective ways. Fortunately, this isn’t difficult, and takes only a minimal amount of two. Two important types of blog promotion to focus on are:

Social Campaign: There are two types of social sharing you can use. The first is the easy, free posting on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, complete with attractive descriptions and images. Ideally, you should be scheduling these social posts at the same time you publish the piece! However, you can also choose to promote specific pieces with paid promotions and influencers, depending on your budget. You don’t have to do this with every post, but paid promotions are often very cost effective for important blog posts like guides, introductions to new products, and so on.

Email: You can also send important blogs over to your email list. Again, you don’t want to swamp customers with multiple blog posts every time you update your blog. But larger or more important posts deserve an email update. Let clients know why they should care about the post, and link to it directly!

Work You Can Do Over Time

With your blog posted and shared, it’s easy to feel like sitting back and waiting…but there’s still important work to be done. Keep an eye on your posts and think about long-term tactics such as:

Watch for low traction: If your post isn’t getting much traffic and your social work isn’t yielding any results, it’s not too late to change: Try out a new headline and image to see if you can attract more people. You don’t need to make it clickbaity, just make it fresh and informative and see if that makes a difference!

Thank participators: If you have influencers or business partners that are sharing your blogs, be sure to thank them. They deserve.

Watch where traffic comes from: Note what efforts drive traffic to your blog, and focus on them.

Find your niche: What sort of blog posts tend to get the best results and shares? What initiates the most conversation? What topics do these posts cover? Over time, you can build a good idea of your most successful niche: Gravitate your blog toward this niche to establish a unique, powerful online presence.

Do you have any more ideas about what you can do to your blog posts after you publish? Let us know how you take it to the next level and connect with us on social media @21handshake. If you loved the podcast, leave us a 5-star rating and share with your friends!