On today’s podcast, Sarah and Ashley are going to take a closer look at the big digital marketing trends that we can expect to really take off (or continue taking off) in 2019. If you are looking to adopt new marketing priorities or give your strategy a new edge/fresh take, these are definitely the trends you want to look at! You can listen to the podcast to get in-depth information, but here are the major things to watch, and just why they are important!

1. Voice Search

It’s hard to find a 2019 marketing list that doesn’t at least mention voice searches! Thanks to the rise of Alexa and Google Assistant (as well as Siri and Cortana), voice search devices are quite common at home and at work. But if your buyers are looking up information with voice searches, what does that do to SEO? How can you get listed in the results? 2019 is the year to answer that question, because voice searches are growing even more common: One in five of mobile Google searches is now from a voice search, and one in four of all Bing searches comes from a voice assistant.

So, how do you attract those voice assistants? Try to focus on long-form, professional content that provides clear, concise answers to questions. Make your content as “quotable” as possible, and offer plenty of details. Also – work on page performance! Voice assistants tend to use the fastest-loading web results as well as the most informative.

2. Chatbots

In 2019, there are two primary places to use chatbots – on social media (like Facebook), and on your website. Both options can provide many benefits! These bots are automated to answer a variety of questions, return product information, and even help visitors complete purchases. The chatbots are always on, and typically pop up with a greeting when someone visits the webpage…you’ve probably seen other brands use them.

The key here is investment level. A basic bot will be cheap but can only supply simple information, and may seem off-putting. A very smart bot can strike up a conversation, appear friendly, and provide all sorts of useful information, but they tend to be much more expensive. Most chatbots can also route messages to real people when correctly programmed.

3. Snack Ads

Snack ads are an exciting new development in the very popular video world of digital marketing. Video continues to be incredibly effective in reaching audiences and leading to healthy social signals, but it also has to win the attention of viewers – and online, attention is in very short supply.

Snack ads are a solution this quandary: They propose a sale, but do it in under 10 seconds! Studies have found that such 10-second videos are much easier to watch than longer versions, especially when scrolling through social media. They are bite-sized nuggets of information with a highly concentrated brand message. However, they also take work to make: It’s important that your brand shows why a product/service is worth buying and what a viewer should do next, all while keeping the video entertaining and easy to watch. That can take some practice!

4. Micro-Moments

Micro-moments have been an interesting concept for several years, but are increasingly important in today’s sales funnel. Google has a full guide to micro-moments here, but essentially they are moments where people turn to technology to help them very quickly find an answer to a question. Early micro-moments were focused on consumers, such as, “Where’s a nearby restaurant that serves vegan food?” These days, we’re also seeing a growing number of micro-moments in the B2B world where people do quick searches to find out info about products, fees, shipping availability, and more. It’s important to target digital marketing to these few seconds of searching, because this is where decisions are made! 2019 is a good year to practice “thinking” in micro-moments.

5. Webinars, Live Video, and Stories

When all your competitors are pushing out videos of their own, how do you get noticed? One of the best ways is via unique types of video that offer a more direct connection to the audience. Live video events, webinars, and similar “in the moment” content is a good way to deliver interesting video and differentiate your brand at the same time. You don’t need to do these all the time! Just one or two a year can make a difference and provide a lot of content for future posting. This gives you time to pick important events and make sure your livecasting is extra high quality.

Our episodes will continue to take a deeper look at trends for more specific issues, so keep on listening to find out what’s going on! In the meantime, if there’s a digital marketing trend that you’re particularly excited about, let us know on social media @21handshake!

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