We have a particularly special podcast this week, as Sarah, Ashley and Aleks attend the International Builders Show in Las Vegas! To learn more about what they think of the Show, what it’s like, and why it’s important, be sure to listen to the whole podcast!

However, team is specifically talking about how to help building companies “localize” their brand and products successful. That means marketing successfully to the surrounding community and building recognition to get more local business – and it can be quite challenging. Larger companies may find that in their efforts to sell a product on the national level, they miss out on valuable local connections and organic growth at the community level.

What are companies like this supposed to do? At 21 Handshake, we are launching a new Brand Demand Strategy program specifically to address this issue. Our Brand Demand Strategy helps national products find a powerful voice on the local level. It’s easy to summarize this process using what we like to call Talkers, Topics, and Tools. Here’s how they work!


“Talkers” are what you can think of as product fans at a local level. Talkers are people who have experience with products and really like them. They’re not afraid to say it, either! These aren’t just people who are willing to give out testimonials – they are potential brand ambassadors who give product recommendations to their friends and peers.

Ideally, talkers have access to an audience of their own and some degree of influence in the local community. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to get “influence” these days. Everyone has a Facebook account or other social media account that they can leverage, which means all sorts of people can be talkers! Of course, the best talkers are active in the community, attending meetings and events where they have plenty of real world conversations.


With talkers located, the next step of our program supplies them with topics. It’s not enough to simply have talkers say, “Wow this brand is really great, you should check them out.” No, these influencers need real topics that will stick in the mind and actually lead to future actions. So we supply them with valuable topic information.

There are many types of topics, and the right topics can differ between businesses. However, topics will always include accurate and up to date information. This is so the talkers have specific things they can discuss without getting information wrong or referencing out of date information. Some topics may be very product focused, like “the GoStart 3500 is twice as fast as the previous model.” Other topics may be more brand-focused, such as, “Hatfield Building was the top choice of developers for 2018 residential building projects.”

You can see how these topics and others like them make it easier to have a conversation about a company or product, and give talkers things that are easy to reference! Sometimes, that can do more for local marketing than all the billboards and ads in town.


We believe that word of mouth is a bigger idea that sits on top of social media. However, the right social tools can still help word of mouth travel farther and faster! So the last part of the process is equipping talkers with the right tools to spread messages in the most effective ways possible. Yes, that means using things like social media and video, and encouraging talkers to take advantage of such platforms in a variety of ways.

However, part of the “tools” also means supply talkers with direct content that they can use through marketing campaigns. A great video, for example, can be an excellent conversation starter for word of mouth, as well as easy to share online! We can help building product manufacturer companies to narrow down the most effective content for their companies!

Finally, let us know if you attended the International Builders Show, and what you thought if so! Or maybe you’re just in the building materials industry and want to learn more about our Brand Demand Strategy. We’d love to connect with you on social media @21handshake. Also, if you really enjoyed this episode, please take a moment to rate us 5 stars and share with a friend. Thanks!