Today we’re doing something a little different and fun with our podcast. Sarah and Ashley are going to take turns talking about interesting things they’ve learned recently that’s affected the marketing world and more! We bet you’ll learn a few new things, too.

Sarah’s List

1. Voice Search is Huge, But is Anyone Changing Their Strategy?

Voice Search is destined to make an impact on SEO (by 2020, 50% of internet searches are expected to be voice-based), but how people will react is still uncertain. Here’s a great podcast on some of the things businesses can do to prepare…but how many will actually heed the advice? Maybe it will be like mobile optimization all over again.

2. Customize Your Services on Facebook Business Pages

We’re big fans of Facebook’s changes to Business Pages, especially the ways you can customize your page to help your offer (and even directly sell) your specific products and services, so visitors don’t have to waste any time.

3. All Hashtag Generator

Here’s a cool little tool! The All Hashtag generator takes a word or phrase that you put it, and transforms into a list of hashtags you can use. You can choose to create a list of random terms, top terms, or currently popular terms, among other options. It’s pretty great.

4. LinkedIn Business Pages Can Now Interact and Comment

LinkedIn is becoming a dynamic network where you can more easily interact with others, create discussions, and target ads. If you’ve just been using LinkedIn as a recruitment tool, it’s time to rethink your strategy.

5. When It Feels Like You Keep Answering the Same Questions…Keep Answering the Them

This particular reference is about Dave Ramsey in this excellent Digital Marketer article, but it can apply to every brand: If you’re feeling burnt out, remember that answering the same questions over again isn’t just necessary, it’s a vital part of building your brand! By giving different customers the same answers in the same ways, you are creating a valuable company identity.

Ashley’s List

1. Instagram is the Only Growing Social Media Platform

Thus far, only Instagram has shown signs of growth in users in 2019. Other popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are showing falling numbers. Every social network has a life cycle, but right now it looks like Instagram is the one thriving. Have you gotten involved yet?

2. Facebook Messenger 4 Update

Messenger 4 popped up this year with a new look and more business-friendly features. Notably, it’s a less complicated interface that’s easier for networking and managing multiple conversations at once. How do you feel about chat as part of your outreach? Do you use it? Could you?

3. Canva for Instagram Stories

Not sure how to use Instagram Stories, or what format you should use when sharing content on a story? Canva, an excellent template tool, has templates specifically designed for Stories, and you should really check them out.

4. You Should Organize YouTube Tags By Importance

This is a great trick for all companies that post on YouTube. Tagging YouTube videos is often an afterthought, but those tags are incredibly important when bringing in organic searches. To make tags more effective, start with your target keyword and simply list other tags in order of important for your video.

5. Instagram’s Business Listings

Yet another reason to jump on Instagram – Local Business Profiles are now available, an ideal option for businesses that don’t fit the “influencer” model on Instagram, but still want to reach the audience. You can learn more about it here, but these profile pages are great for finding local leads, creating strong local SEO, and much more.

So, what about you? What tips, tricks or interesting news stories have you picked up this year that will make a difference in how you market? Anything specific that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you and learn something new ourselves! Contact us on social media @21handshake and let us know more! If you’re trying to sell a product, ask us about sponsorship, too!

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