Today’s conversation started with a great and funny article over at Quartz about “What your laptop-holding position says about you.” And it’s true – as we move around the modern office, it’s pretty obvious everyone has a unique laptop traveling preference…so why not have some fun imagining what that might mean?

But this got us thinking about office and work habits in general, which made us think: What are the best habits that digital marketers have? What habits would it help to pick up? So for this episode, we’re going over 10 of the most successful habits for digital marketing. Let’s take a look.

1. They Thrive on Strategy

A strategy is much more than just a simple plan: Successful digital marketers know how to link together the various tactics they’ve learned to form a long-term roadmap – a roadmap that reaches specific goals identified by the company. It’s the ability to put everything together and see not just into the next few weeks, but the next few months and years, and to create a calendar of content or training to reach that place.

2. They are Socially Apt

We don’t really mean that they’re good in social groups – although they might be! Instead, we mean that they are knowledgeable about the platforms they use. They have experience and education about all the social media platforms, how they work, and which are best for specific tasks (as well as which aren’t great for businesses). This is an ongoing skill, too. Successful marketers keep up on new tech developments!

3. They are Technically Proficient

Good digital marketers can take a look at various analytics and understand what they are. This includes the ability to know which analytics are important and which aren’t so important, and which are tied most closely with specific company goals. These marketers also have the ability to choose the right analytical tools and set them up so they are measuring the right data for the company – always a valuable skillset!

4. They are Able to Seek Help

This is a great skill for any professional, but successful marketers also know their own strengths, and when they are out of their depth. That means they know when to consult an expert, and when to make additional hires for the benefit of the team.

5. They are Always Willing to Learn

Digital marketing is a fast-paced field that can change very quickly. A key skill is the ability to learn new information and new tools as they appear. Sometimes, you have to learn a feature before you know if it’s right for your team or business, so this happens a lot!

6. They Have Business/Customer Service Savvy

Marketing isn’t always customer-facing, but digital marketers usually end up interacting with online users in some way, through chats or comments or video calls. So it’s also important that they have the right customer service skills to make sure they provide the best possible experiences.

7. They Know the Marketplace

What are competitors doing? What online features are doing particularly well right now? Where are online audiences moving? A good digital marketer knows these things, and can make important decisions based off this information.

8. They Ask the Right Questions

Digital marketers know when to ask questions and what questions to ask. Ultimately, they always want to know if a practice will really make a difference. Will it actually appeal to the target audience? Will it really add value to the content?

9. They Work to Become a Content Creator Every Day

Content creation takes practice, both to become good at it, and to create strong brand presence online. Successful marketers know they have to practice it every day, whether it’s creating social posts, drafting emails, or writing new blog entries.

10. They Strive for Consistency

Tone, dependability, and consistency are very important in digital marketing, especially for B2B companies. Great marketers keep an eye on tone throughout content and conversations to make sure it lives up to the brand.

But wait, don’t assume this list is complete! What are some habits of successful digital marketers that you have noticed? Or to take it another direction, what habits do you like to see in the digital marketers that you work with? If anything comes to mind, we’d love to hear about it on social media @21handshake, so drop us a line!

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