In social media news, YouTube has unveiled a new automation tool that create “bumper” ads that only last for six seconds. Think you can tell your brand story in six seconds? YouTube sure does, and hopes a lot of businesses will try out these bumper ads and find innovative ways to make them work. Also, if you’ve ever wanted to set up your Google history for automatic deletion at various periods of time, Google has finally released a tool that lets you do so.

But now onto the matter at hand! Today the team is going to do something a little different. Justice, one of our excellent coworkers, is going to take the reins and interview the podcast team about 21 Handshake and the services we offer. If you’ve ever wanted to get to know us better, this is the episode for you!

What Does a Digital Agency Do?

A digital marketing agency manages brands for businesses, particularly in online spaces. That means partnering with a company and helping them work on things like social media presence, email marketing, SEO, blogging, training employees to use online tools, posting online content, and so on.

And that’s just what 21 Handshake does! We don’t handle much “defensive” marketing or more traditional PR activities: Instead, we focus on the cutting edge of digital marketing, online tools, and all other internet-related content and advertisements. We find these services to be particularly valuable, especially for companies that have a lot of expertise in offer their B2B services and products, but not a lot of time to study and set up an online brand presence. In fact, this is just what our name stands for – the desire to bring the traditional (and important) handshake in to the 21st century, and find digital equivalents of the handshake.

Why Should Small Companies Consider 21 Handshake?

We come across a lot of small companies that don’t have much experience in the digital world, although they do run other types of marketing campaigns. This is very common! It’s why 21 Handshake specializes in certain services so you can find the solution you want.

Usually, the process begins with us really digging into your branding and current marketing work, because it’s very important that your digital marketing matches your other types of marketing in tone and message. Then we start talking about your overall digital strategy, what you want to see on the digital side of your business, and what your digital marketing calendars look like. After that, it’s a matter of finding the right platforms to reach the target audience in cohesion – and then take a look at the results!

Do You Do Website Work?

When businesses ask for work on their website, they usually mean website development, design, and updating. Yes! We absolutely can help you with those goals! Not all digital agencies get involved in web development, but we believe it’s an important part of your online presence and needs to be addressed alongside things like social media and email. And we don’t just focus on the “front end” of website work, but also on back end work like making sure code is optimized and performance is everything it can be!

Do You Do Video?

Not only do we do video, we can do lots of video, whether companies are looking for short or longform! We also offer video drone services which can help create unique photos and videos well suited for work sites and similar areas. If you have any questions about video, what you need, or what video can offer, please contact us: Video has never been bigger, and it’s easy to integrate into all kinds of marketing campaigns.

Are There Benefits to Having or Working with a Smaller Team

There are two different advantages here we’d like to mention. First, it helps create a more personable, relatable connection with client companies, especially when discussing strategy or particular concerns. Second, larger agencies can sometimes struggle with the chain of command or forwarding issues to the person “in charge” of that particular aspect of the campaign. This can make it difficult to communicate and may delay important decisions. In smaller teams, this isn’t nearly as much of an issue – and it’s much easier to exchange information and training with each everyone so all benefit!

Have any more questions about 21 Handshake? We’d love to answer them! Connect with use on social media @21handshake (and maybe throw in some praise Justice and the great interview job, too!). If you enjoyed this episode and want to introduce us to others, please give us a rating and share with a friend!