Refresh Your Marketing Strategy by Repurposing Old Content

Imagine you have a piece of content that’s stealing the spotlight – it’s getting many more likes, comments and shares than anything else you’ve created. Maybe the fire’s died down a little, but it’s still one of your most popular pieces. You don’t want to let it fade into obscurity, but there are only so many places you can share it without sounding like a broken social media record. What can you do? Repurposing old content should be an integral part of your marketing strategy, and thankfully it’s surprisingly easy to start up.

Method 1: Switch The Format

Blogs are the bread and water  – the building blocks of creating a message and getting it to the eyes of your audience. As the saying goes, however, bread and water can so easily be toast and tea! Think about the structure of your blog – can it be broken easily into segments and discussed via podcasts? Can a central theme be turned into a quiz, or a Q-and-A piece with an important member of your in-house team? Often, you can extract the “hook” that drew readers in the first place and use it to seed the same viral popularity through a different format. Listicles, and how-to articles that heavily references that popular post can also be folded into rotation to get more mileage.

Method 2: Get Graphic

Not R-rated graphic, graphic as in images. Consider using appropriate images of your products or services juxtaposed with the ideas in your blog. If your blog discussed customer service, for example, you might want to ask a loyal customer if they’d consent to a few photos with an employee, or contribute a review or testimonial. This way, the core authenticity of your original blog stays intact, but grows into something much more interesting and engaging.

Method 3: Flip to Video Mode

Even if you don’t record full-on hours of video, short 1 or 2 minute segments discussing one of the points in your blog – with transcripts for SEO value, of course! – can help capture the attention of the more visually-minded members of your audience. They also serve as an excellent means for breaking down barriers in your content marketing, and introducing your audience to the heart and soul of your business. If even short videos are still difficult to fit into the schedule, a GIF – graphic interchange format – of your product or service in motion can convey a great deal in only a few seconds.

Great content doesn’t have to begin and end with a blog, though you should continue to blog in order to produce a reliable, consistent source of information. Explore other formats and platforms – Twitter and Instagram, for example – to gain followers and potential customers that a blog-only approach might miss. Remember, a wide net catches many fish, and if you perfect the art of spinning a great deal of unique, multi-faceted content from a single source, it will feel more like shooting fish in a barrel.


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