Share Your Visual Content by Using Instagram for B2B Marketing


Popular new social media platforms share something in common: they’re all about sharing visual content. Numerous studies have shown that people love sharing and engaging with visual content more than anything else. One study of 2014 Facebook posts found that 87% of shared posts were images.

Instagram is an image-based social networking platform with over 300 million users. It’s an effective tool to have in your B2B marketing social media toolkit, so it’s time to learn how to use it.

The Importance of Your Brand

Instagram does not let you link out to your website or collect leads in a traditional way. Instead, it’s about developing your company’s brand.

Building a brand will help you figure out how to capture your audience’s attention. Businesses are no longer simply looking for companies selling products and services, they’re looking for brands that mean something.

Your job as a brand is to delight prospects and stand for something more than your product or service. Instagram for B2B marketing can help you do that.

How To Set Up Your Account

It’s free to set up an Instagram account. You simply need to enter basic information and you’re ready to roll.

Some important things to note about your account:

  • Your profile image will be 150×150 pixels and cropped into a circle. You can use your logo, but you may want to come up with something more creative. Even if it’s just a dressed-up or filtered version of your logo.
  • Under Settings (that little gear icon), you’ll be able to look for people to follow, edit your profile, change your password, link to other social media channels and read Instagram’s policies. If you want to be found, make sure you fill out that profile!
  • Pick a username that’s short and sweet. You want it to easily fit on business cards!
  • Make sure your bio is filled out in detail as well

Tips To Get You Started

  • While stock photos may make your life easier, taking your own photos for Instagram will be much more personal
  • Tell a story. Think of the challenges your audience face and find a way to depict that in images. Bonus points for putting a comedic twist!
  • Show your audience what makes your company tick. Share pictures of team members and cool spots in the office.
  • Build a community around an actionable hashtag and run wild!

B2B Examples To Check Out

Sometimes it helps to see how other brands are doing it:


The FedEx stream shares images of FedEx trucks and planes in various locations. Message: FedEx is everywhere and always working hard for you.


MailChimp knows people want to work with cool companies, so they’ve mastered the art of being cool and share it on their feed.

Dolby Laboratories

Dobly shares behind-the-scenes images so people understand the part they play in bringing sound to movies and video games.


Now it’s your turn! Start thinking of how you can build your brand image on Instagram.


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