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A few months ago we asked manufacturers throughout Michigan to share their thoughts on a variety of subjects presented by the Michigan Manufacturing Association (MMA). They shared the challenges manufacturers are facing in today’s social and global economy and workforce. In our ‘Strategic Tactics for Manufacturing Business Growth Series,’ we are addressing the top issues that manufacturers, not only in Michigan but across the nation are facing and focusing on solutions that will lead your company to experience business growth.

Identified problems include:

  1. Finding qualified skilled trade workers. Companies recognize that quality workers will help build quality companies, and the search is on. Funneling quality people your way is pertinent to business growth.
  2. Creating brand awareness. Manufacturers are discovering that traditional marketing efforts are becoming less effective in the manufacturing sector. We will show you how to become attractive to potential customers by building an effective brand thru specific manufacturing marketing strategies.
  3. Modern-day customer acquisition. There are ways to acquire customers that many manufacturers have yet to recognize. We will share these business tactics and then show you how to use them in your sales process. These are proven tactics that will have a positive impact on your business and acquisition of new customers.
  4. Maximizing the bottom line. The bottom line, after all, is the bottom line. We will show you how product lifestyle management, delivery, cost analysis, and more can all lead to better profits. This is one of your biggest concerns and we will offer innovative options.
  5. Global Competition and Pricing. Surveys continue to indicate that CEOs are planning to relocate more manufacturing stateside. “Made in America” carries a message of quality, and it is a message we all need to help brand and we are here to help you update your playbook.
  6. Regulations and taxes. Staying on top of changes in your business helps you with local, state, and federal levels of regulations and taxes. The MMA can help, and so can we.
  7. Succession Planning in a Family Business. Any time your manufacturing company is planning a significant move, it is beneficial to seek advice before you begin. We provide you 10 tips for planning succession in your family business when emotions play a significant role.

Manufacturing is coming back to the United States in a big way, and we are more competitive in the worldwide marketplace than we have been in a long time. If you haven’t yet, now is the time to make plans aimed at generating new prospects, leads, and clients.

Stay tuned for help in propelling your business to greater profitability, as we share valuable solutions to these critical issues affecting your business. Manufacturers shared, and we cared by going to work on these problems. We believe you will find what we discovered interesting and valuable.

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