Superior B2B Customer Service = Increased Customer Lifetime Value

We all know the costs and challenges of keeping the sales funnel full and generating the necessary level of qualified leads. In fact, successful and highly competitive companies know the details of what each of those leads required in marketing spend before getting them in the hands of your sales team.

Maximizing the ROI

However, many marketing and sales teams miss out on an important reality of today’s marketing environment. That simple fact is that is almost always easier and less expensive to keep a customer than acquire a new one. Depending on your specific industry, the cost of acquisition of new customer revenue can be several multiples of the revenue you generate by keeping customers happy. Additionally, much of your brand equity, especially in today’s digitally transparent world, is based on your customers’ perception of your company and how it treats them.

When you make superior B2B customer service a team priority, you are focused on achieving maximum Customer Lifetime Value for each new addition to your customer list. Ensuring your customers stay with you and see you as a favored vendor requires a culture and capability to stand above your competitors.

Understanding what your customers expect and exceeding those expectations is the key to generating the highest ROI possible on your marketing and sales investment. Once you have determined the industry standards for customer service and what your competitors are offering, you can carefully evaluate what it takes to provide the best support and service in your market space.

With this analysis in hand, you can determine what steps to take to ensure your corporate culture and infrastructure support the goal of being Number One in B2B customer service in your market. Properly executed, your customer service efforts become a source of growth and value, not a bothersome afterthought.

Selecting the Tools, Training the Team, and Providing the Incentives

Fortunately, today’s many sales and CRM resources make it possible to affordably build superior B2B customer service. While it starts with a culture committed to being the best, you have to provide your team with the tools and capabilities they need and empower them to convert mere customers into raving fans.

In addition to the many software programs and processes you have read about, here are just a few steps you can take to show your customers you care and raise the bar for your competitors:

  • Add a new communications channel that encourages and facilitates your customer engagement. A properly managed chat box is one way to achieve this instant interactivity.
  • Increase your web visibility with effective social media. When you take the time to ensure interrelated social media and your website, you increase SEO. As important, you are able to understand how your customers see your company with real-time feedback. This allows you to do more of the right things and quickly address any identified problems.

In today’s hypercompetitive world one of the most effective steps you can take is to consult with trusted advisors that have a proven record of success in helping companies achieve superior B2B customer service. They know what works and doesn’t in the rapidly evolving CS space and are often invaluable in making your efforts more focused and efficient both online and offline.


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