The Friday Denver Handshake Report

Yes, that was most of the 21 Handshake team in Denver this week! We were there to both meet and learn about a new clients company culture, tour their business and gather content to be used in future marketing endeavors.

My favorite part of meeting with new clients? Learning about what they do! I know such a simple answer. Couldn’t I just Google their type of business? Well, yes, but that doesn’t give you the same perspective as seeing it in person and talking with employees. Learning about what they do on a daily basis, learning about their clients, the market they serve…and well for me, I don’t really ‘get’ what rebar is until I see it! And then also see how metal can be shaped and formed…a true learning experience that makes me thankful for all the people who work hard to make buildings and structures secure and sound for me to live in or shop in. Amazing!

So that was our week – how was yours? If you were busy learning and traveling, here is what you missed this week on the 21 Handshake blog!



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