The Friday Handshake Report: Permission to Be a Kid Again

No, you don’t need my permission to be a kid again.

But it is kind of appealing isn’t it?

To run with reckless abandon. To live in the moment. To have the best day of your life – just by playing at the beach with your family all day.

Being a kid is awesome. Why did we grow up? And why when we were growing up, did all we want to do is ‘want to grow up’?

I am sure I could wax on poetic about this for awhile. But I want you to to think about all this, this weekend: Watch your kids. Watch your grandkids. Watch your puppy. Watch life.

What do you see? 

Enthusiasm. Life Happening. Smiles. Laughter. Connection. Shared Moments.

How do you capture that enthusiasm again?

Because it is when you get back to those simple things –  that all that is complex becomes simple again.

It really becomes about connection, doesn’t it?  It is at our core being. 

How do we connect with family, with friends, with customers…with prospects? It is reaching that emotional connection that bridges the gap between just prospects and now a customer. Between just a customer, now a friend. Between just a friend, now my inner circle.

Go connect this weekend. Connect with friends, family…find that inner kid. Have fun! It is what summer is all about.


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