The YouTube SEO Connection That Wins Higher Ranking on Google

Google owns YouTube: You probably knew that already, but have you taken a moment to think about what that means for your overall SEO and videoexperience? YouTube videos don’t live in their own little separate bubble on the Internet – what you do on YouTube will absolutely impact Google’s universal search, even if people aren’t looking for videos. That’s makes YouTube SEO surprisingly important for your overall marketing plan, and you can benefit with just a few smart practices.

The Related Videos Boost

The video search benefits of high-quality YouTube SEO optimization are obvious: More viewers will see your videos when searching YouTube or looking at recommended videos. However, there are a lot of broader SEO advantages to great YouTube posts as well, and that’s what we’d like to talk about.

When you have used Google’s universal search engine before, you have probably noticed that a few YouTube videos tend to pop up at the top of your results. This is partly due to the synergy between Google and YouTube, and partly due to smart video SEO. Google will push these applicable YouTube videos to its main results if it looks like searchers are benefiting: It’s particularly common when it comes to looking up “how to” instructions, interviews, explanations, and similar topics – all great fodder for building a powerful and broadly-seen YouTube Channel.

Upload Your Videos the Right Way

If you are building out a YouTube Channel, it’s a great idea to start by looking at competitor channels and popular B2B YouTube videos to see how they are naming and describing their videos, and what seems to be working for them. When you are ready to post new videos of your own, there are a few simple steps that can make a big difference when it comes to your clips showing up in a universal search.

  • Video Type: As we mentioned, certain types of videos do better than others. Make your videos relatively short, and focus on practical explanations or guidelines on how to use products if possible. You’ll notice that the most popular business YouTube videos inform, but do it in an entertaining way. If your video is not immediately helpful, viewers will move.
  • Titles: Your title is very, very important for YouTube and Google alike. In addition to including your keywords, it should give viewers an accurate reason to watch. Simple is good here: “How to Mix Concrete” will make Google very happy. For more information, think about using colons and additional phrases that describe even more value. “How to Mix Concrete the Fast Way: Residential Version” may be a more viewer-friendly option. If you really don’t have any ideas, try a tool like SerpStat that gathers popular search recommendations based on a single word to help provide you with plenty of options.
  • Descriptions: Your description should also use a keyword phrase or two, as well as your company or brand name. This area should be used to explain more precisely what the video is about so that viewers can be sure they know what they are getting into. Imagine someone asking, “What exactly will this video teach me?” and use the description as you answer.
  • Intros: Research shows that video retention” is particularly important on YouTube – in other words, you really want people to keep watching your video through the end. Google tracks how long viewers watch videos, and awards those with higher retention. Your intro is particularly important here – it should be precise, smooth, welcoming, and assure viewers that they aren’t wasting their time.

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