Top 7 Signs Your Website is Earning Organic Search Traffic

We have discussed organic searches in the past and why they are important, but now it’s time to take a look at what defines smart organic SEO strategy: How do you know if you are bringing in organic search traffic, as your website should be? What are the signs that your SEO work is – well, working?

 Make no mistake, organic search accounts for the lion’s share of sales in the B2B community (sometimes almost all the sales, in industries like business services). You need a healthy organic strategy: Obviously general conversions are important, but they don’t tell the whole story on their own. You have to start with the search bar. To that end, here are the other top signs of great natural traffic and a solid funnel toward your website goal.

  1.  Your unique visits are staying strong. Unique visits are an excellent sign that people are searching on their own terms and successfully finding your website. Congratulations! Obviously there’s going to be some ups and downs for unique visits based on your campaigns, the day of the week, the season, and many other factors. But if you continue to receive a significant share of unique visits without a sharp drop-off, this is a sign your organic search game is top-quality.
  2. Your markup is well-structured. We’re not going to get into all the technical details, but Google’s search engine responds very well to fully structured sites without any messy code or ad-hoc add-ons. Full CSS and other signs indicate structural integrity and will automatically get you better organic search results.
  3. Visitors are spending a significant amount of time on your site. Time spent on site is a tricky metric, daring you to read too much into it. However, generally speaking, the more time people spend on your site, the better your organic search results are: These are people who looked for your site, found exactly what sort of business they wanted, and spent some time perusing. That’s all good news.
  4. New pages receive a high number of visits. This means that your new pages are well-made with strong SEO that is appeal to your target audience. Now, new page visits can also be influenced by paid search and marketing, so it’s not all organic activity. However, a burst of new visits does indicate that people are finding the page easily.
  5. Visitors are exploring multiple pages. If people don’t see what they are looking for online, they tend to give up right away. If they find the sort of brand they wanted, they stay around and look for particular products or solutions. These are shoppers who want to be there: Like time spent on site, this is a good sign.
  6. Page popularity is fairly even. Not all your pages are going to be equally popular, of course, but popularity should see an even distribution based on the purpose of each page. If some of your pages aren’t getting any visits while your home page is getting nearly all of them, this is a sign that organic searches aren’t bringing in very accurate traffic – or that your web design needs some serious work.
  7. Rich media is well distributed. Rich media, like a strong coding structure, will enhance your organic returns. Make sure you have video, images and other forms of rich media throughout your site to improve organic SEO.

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