Many B2B companies we know are finally starting to accept video marketing as a part of their overall strategy – and that’s great news! 2019 is a perfect year to start treating video seriously, and we have just the tips and trends to help you get started. It doesn’t matter if you just dabble with video on social media, have a YouTube channel that’s quickly becoming an important part of your brand, or are somewhere in between: Here’s what you need to know about.

Treat Your Video Like an SEO Project

It’s not too late to give your video an SEO brush-up! If you haven’t been working on video SEO because it’s – well, video, and not a lot of words, then we have some news for you: SEO is still a vital part of video, and optimization can make a big difference in how easily that video shows up, both in Google searches and on platform searches/recommendations like YouTube.

So make 2019 your year of excellent video SEO! Focus on descriptive titles, great thumbnails, and proper labeling to help make a difference…and think about redoing the SEO for your past videos so they are all easier to categorize going forward. There are plenty of ways to find the right video content keywords for descriptions, titles, and more.

Bundled Ads Make for a Different Viewing Experience

YouTube in particular is planning to bundle more ads in the coming year. What does this mean? Well, bundled ads mean that YouTube is decreasing how many ad breaks that longer video have (by around 40%), but increasing how many ads run in the breaks. That means you may want to tweak your video strategy going forward: While longer videos are now more palatable to the average viewer, that viewer also needs to sit through (or ignore) longer ads toward the beginning and end of the videos. That means your video needs to have a lot of punch, not just in the opening seconds but in the value it promises to provide through the title and thumbnail. Get viewers invested before they even hit play!

Video Marketing Data Is Becoming More Useful

Video marketing data is growing more useful for the B2B world and smaller companies. You may not have used much video marketing data before, or studied how viewers watch videos beyond basic social signals, but there’s increasing value here if you want to dig deeper. A number of changes and developments are making it easier to target ads based on what videos viewers have watched in the past, which could be especially helpful for LBM and similar industries with a narrow video focus. You may also want to consider digging deeper into analytics for your own videos if you haven’t been paying too much attention to this before now.

More Vertical Videos are Expected

Vertical videos are already becoming popular on Instagram, which has an interface – and culture – that makes this more casual form of video easier to use as a marketing tool. You can expect vertical video to start popping up in other places as a result. We aren’t saying that you have to use vertical video, but it’s all right to have a few of your more casual or entertaining vides in this format, going forward.

B2B Has More Options to Explore 360-Degree and Virtual Video

360-degree and virtual-friendly video can be much more than just gimmicks! In fact, these are excellent (and YouTube compatible) formats for showing off products, building sites, projects in progress, manufacturing facilities, and many other types of content that B2B companies find themselves frequently using. If you haven’t given much thought to 360-degree video before, plan a couple of these for 2019 and promote these videos as a unique look at what your brand offers.

It’s Time to Cut (Yes, Cut) Video Marketing Costs

Here’s a refreshing piece of advice! The good thing about video content is while the skill required is still important, the technology required is growing consistently cheaper and easier to access. You can take high-quality videos with a smartphone, flexible tripod, and the right software. That means your budget for hardware isn’t much of a concern for 2019 – which may make video more feasible for your team.

Expand Video Even More Into Educational Circles

Finally, we encourage you to think of your video content as more than just marketing. In the B2B world, we are seeing people increasingly turn to video for explanations about shipping processes, services, DIY guides for products, and more. In other words, make your videos as educational as possible in 2019, and you are likely to see benefits!