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Digital marketing is only the very tip of the iceberg when you work with 21 Handshake. We offer a dynamic service experience that touches every aspect of your marketing and brand story needs, from copy, to images, to reach. Our team even offers roadmaps to plan cohesively and lock in your path to success. If you’re ready to revolutionize your business, explore the benefits we have to offer: we’re committed to excellence and making your brand’s presence the best in the market.

Full Service Marketing

As a driven business owner, you’re ready to go all-in with your marketing, but you aren’t sure where to begin. 21 Handshake is here to make that transition a seamless one, starting with a plan that acts as a clear, concise roadmap. Our full service marketing package includes an initial project, followed by continuous growth cycles, each focusing on creating a powerful four-part strategy. Our Full Service package drives success through the 3 vital “S” factors of content: Social, Search, and Support.

Local Business Marketing

While casting a wide net is important for building brand recognition, you already have some incredible clients and customers waiting to find you – and you likely share a post office with them. Local business marketing puts you in touch with customers and clients in your immediate geographical area, letting you strike while the proverbial iron is hot when it comes to following up on leads. Local customers easily become repeat customers, spreading word-of-mouth advertising and helping establish (or support) a stellar reputation as well. A local connection lets your audience get your products and services more quickly and examine them in person, giving you an edge over online-only competitors.

Digital Marketer Certification

Do you want a more personal stake in the marketing tools your business needs to succeed? Our Partnership Agency Program, created in tandem with Digital Marketer, gives you exactly what you need. When you connect your talented team member with our Digital Marketer Certification, you instantly gain an in-house expert that intrinsically understands your business and knows which techniques will work best. There’s no need to hire a new staff member or go through exhaustive interviews – instead, develop the talent you already have and gain a
marketing powerhouse that will bolster your brand message from within.

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