We would love to say we help everyone – but then that would make us a ‘master of none’. When you work with a marketing agency, you want to know that they are experts in the industry you classify your business as being part of. At 21 Handshake, we pride ourselves in our work done in the building materials industry. We have also helped craft the digital presence of many B2B clients. We understand that the at the core of these two broad categories are relationship based businesses.

Your business may have made deals happen on a handshake in the past but are now wondering how social media can bridge the gap between awareness and a deal being shook upon. Our team has helped numerous businesses craft content and social media ad campaigns that meet their target audience where they are already spending their time – online.

From video content creation to social lead ad campaign, our team can
propel your relationship based business to new succcess.


Our desire is to help all channel partners in the building materials industry experience new success. Our pull through sales strategy focuses on highlighting the partnership between building product manufacturer, wholesale distributor and a local dealer and then a local dealer to a contractor and last but not least the contractor to the homeowner. We understand that a push strategy won’t work these days, but a pull strategy does! And that starts with the local builder and homeowner. Let’s highlight your product in a local market! 


Our team has worked with many B2B businesses. Whether you are a shipping service, professional service, manufacturer, or food distributor our team has the knowledge and understanding that can help your B2B flourish with digital marketing. People are at the core of B2B, let us help you discover new relationships that help your business grow.


Our team is passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed! Using our 9 step process for marketing success, our coaching team is here to keep you aligned with your marketing and sales goals. 


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