Why You Need an Instagram Business Account in 2017


It’s time to start talking about Instagram: In fact, we’re going to do a lot more than talk about it. A big part of our own social media marketing plans for the upcoming year is to spend more time on our Instagram business account – and we think you should too. Here are the top 5 reasons that we’re making the change, and why you need to add Instagram to your portfolio of channels as well. Don’t worry – it’s easier than you think.

1. It’s More Than Just “Facebook Pictures”

There’s a thought in the B2B world that Instagram isn’t really necessary if you’re already on Facebook. Yes, Instagram is now a part of Facebook, but the two remain different services – with different audiences. Even if there is overlap, they are still two different tools to reach out to new leads or potential customers. And make no mistake, Instagram is worth your time. The image sharing service now has more monthly users than Twitter, offers 4% engagement rates for followers compared to 0.1% engagement rates for services like Facebook, and encourages up to 70% of users to look up particular brands on the platform. No, Instagram is not useless, and yes, it probably has a place in your business. Plus, if you aren’t used to regularly including pictures in your marketing content, it’s a great way to learn how to do it effectively.

2. It’s Growing More Popular with Buyers

Instagram is no longer a young person’s game. Pew Research studies from 2014 indicate that the number of people between 30 and 49 using Instagram rose by 7% in that year along. Today, the rates are even higher. You see, businesses around the country have learned to use Instagram in their marketing. That means adults of all ages have grown accustomed to seeing their beers, cars, tech, and clothing marketed via Instagram photos, and as a result, they are more curious about the platform and more willing to use it themselves. Buyers, even B2B buyers, are more likely to have an Instagram account and be checking it frequently.

3. It Could Be Perfect for Your Business

A photo-based platform excels at telling a visual story about your brand and your products: That works very well for certain industries. The LBM industry, in particular, can benefit from Instagram. We’ve seen clients take incredible photos of the whole product process from shipping, in use, and finished those show buyers exactly what to expect. With a little camera work, you can make even the most boring supplies look edgy and exciting. The same is true of job sites and ongoing projects, where you can document the changes and show just how much work is being done – every picture proof of how well products and services work. With a little thought, there’s plenty of potential in other industries as well. Think about how pics can tell the story of a production line, or a business meeting, or another situation that shows your expertise. Talking about “engagement” can seem a little abstract, but Instagram shows how it can really impact people’s perspective of a company.

4. It Provides Business Tools You Can Use Anywhere

Instagram knows that a lot of people want to use it for a business purpose, and it’s more than happy to help you. You can create a business profile, look up data on how people are viewing and interacting with your images, and even promote your business directly on the platform using promoted posts (a bit like Facebook boosted posts). In other words, you will have the support you need to get started.

5. It’s Easy

This may be the best news of all: If you’re active on social media, Instagram for business is a cinch to add. Already have a profile on YouTube or Facebook? Just copy or import your data over to your Instagram business account for instant SEO benefits! Already planning on posting a picture to Facebook or Twitter? Just post it to Instagram and then funnel it right over to another social media platform for dual benefits! Minimal effort, maximum results: That’s a formula anyone can get behind.

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