It’s easy to look at LinkedIn as a handy recruiting and branding tool…but miss its more powerful capabilities. The professional social media site is an excellent place to grow the presence of your B2B company – especially if your employees are involved.

After all, LinkedIn isn’t just about the job search! It offers a bunch of tools for creating conversations, publishing research, and offering advice. These are great for SEO and for recruiting top talent, but you need your current employees to help out a little. Here’s what they should be doing.

Sharing Published Content

This is pretty easy, right? If you are publishing some great thought leadership content (it doesn’t matter where), ask your employees to share it on their LinkedIn profiles. While sites like Facebook are nice places to share news about discounts, new products, and so on, LinkedIn is a better place for long-term and long form content that can make your brand look great for years into the future.

Sharing content works well as a conversation starter, especially if your employees are part of the right industry groups. That means it’s important to encourage employees to join groups related to your industry and stay active in them as much as they can. This will also enhance the personal brands of any employees that steadily participate – a fact you may want to mention when it comes to motivating your employees for this list.

Looking Up News and Statistics

LinkedIn is the sort of well that you can easily draw from as well as fill: There are a lot of other companies there showing off their own thought leadership and sharing research, studies, reports, case studies, and more. If these are related to your industry, you can use them! Some of the data can be fuel for your own new content, like infographics and blog posts. Other information may lead to new marketing or pricing decisions. All useful information will also help improve employee knowledge of the industry.

There are two big advantages to encourage employees to look for this type of research and share it among themselves. First, a lot of eyes on LinkedIn and in different groups raise the chances of finding great content early on, so you can gain an advantage by using it in your own blog, native advertising, etc. Second, it’s generally easier for employees to enjoy looking for content – it doesn’t take as much effort, so it’s an easy ask.

Sharing Completed Activities

Remember, employees can record their projects, training, and responsibilities on their own LinkedIn pages. Ideally, all your employees should be steadily updating this information while they are working for you. If a team completes an important project, then team members should take a little time to update their LinkedIn profiles about that project. In someone gets new responsibilities, they should add those responsibilities. If they get new certifications or training, onto LinkedIn they should go!

When successful, this creates a company that’s very active on LinkedIn, a place that looks healthy and interesting to work at, where employees can grow and realize their potential. This is a great way to attract new talent and winning over skilled workers who are researching your company online.

Include More Photos and Video

If you are comfortable really diving into the details with your employees, then ask them about photos and video too. Every profile page has its own profile picture: If all the employees use profile pictures that include company offices, work sites, projects and events, then it will help grow the brand and give new recruits a much better idea of what working at the company is like.

Also note that LinkedIn has a Media Section that employees can use to post company videos, which is a great way to include some alternate media and give others an even closer look at the business. It’s a little bit of employee advocacy that could make a big difference to people research your company.

Answer Questions and Make Comments

It’s also a good idea to assign a few media savvy employees to answer questions in LinkedIn conversations and make comments on notable pieces or discussions (this meshes will with managing other social media comments). You may not want all employees doing this, but it’s good to have a few with the right expertise getting involved and representing your brand at its best.


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