Why Your Sales Team Is Losing Effectiveness

The dynamics of overall sales and marketing have shifted in the recent years. No longer can a company rely solely on an inside and outside sales team to effectively attract new opportunities, educate prospects through the decision making process, and close when a buying decision becomes inevitable. Unlike 40 years ago, relationship-based businesses face a new factor that can certainly disrupt the traditional handshake. 

 This disruptor is no secret… The Internet.

 That’s right, the Internet is charting a new course in your business. No business will remain constant as the connective capabilities of technology infiltrate every industry. No business is safe!

 Ok enough with that… we’re making it sound like a horrific virus and that’s not the case.

 What is the case, you need to choose whether the Internet will be your ally or enemy.

 Depending on your choice of strategy, The Internet will be your best friend or worst nightmare. Why?

Thanks to the Internet, we are a NOW society.

Calling a sales person vs. Google Search? — which is faster?

 Thanks to the Internet, the consumer is in CONTROL!

Why should I contact a business with a question, they’re just going to try to sell me. I’ll search online and read some articles/reviews.

 Thanks to the Internet, product research happens 24/7

If a prospect is looking for information on your products @ 10:00pm sitting in bed… Do not send your Outside Sales person, Do not have your Inside Sales person call, that’s the iPad’s job. Trespassing isn’t a worthwhile sales tactic.

 There’s been an enormous shift in how businesses need to reach the market. Take some time and assess how you can attract the specific buyers you want for your busines by selling using the internet. 

You’re not in control… they are. Play by their rules or you’ll find yourself playing a whole new game entirely.

 Take time TODAY to assess how you can help your sales team INVITE new business through inbound marketing!!  From your friends @ 21 Handshake, we encourage you to stop chasing, start cultivating and in the process you will create a better sales team. 

 The future growth of your business will start within your 4 walls!

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