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Digital is the new center stage in marketing, and for companies that have already forged a great in-person relationship with their clientele, it represents an exciting new frontier. 21 Handshake is proud to have introduced these stellar businesses to new audiences online, boosting brand recognition and opening more doors than ever before. We study your business, distill its best aspects, and help you start off on the right foot with your leads, converting them into more sales and lasting business relationships. Here’s just a handful of our success stories – we can’t wait to add yours to the list!

Alexander Lumber places a high value on connecting with both contractors and homeowners via social media. A streamlined location set up on social media, allows each individual store to be present in their community. Regular blog content, infographics and case studies, allowed Alexander to further engage with their audience.

Superior Foods realizes the value in reaching current customers and prospects through targeted social media engagement. Targeted social ads aimed at awareness enables their company to gain a wider audience to connect with.

Clearstream Empowerment Coaching publishes uplifting messages via inspirational blog content. Social media enables the coaching practice to engage with clients and prospects and provide them the support they need via honest, encouraging posts on a daily basis.

Aterra Designs bridges the gap from the production home builder to homeowner electrical options. Providing customized lighting for every homeowner is not just a dream it’s a reality with Aterra.

Barton Supply unveiled a new website that is mobile friendly and allows builders to connect easily with the Barton Supply customer support team. Social media allows them to post completed jobs from their Decorative concrete division.

Althoff Industries provides superior commercial and residential mechanical services in and around the Chicagoland. Excellent customer service is at the core of their business from their online chat box to after hour emergencies.


While we’re pleased with what we’ve accomplished with our clients, we know that trustworthy reviews should come from the client’s point of view. Thankfully, we have some wonderful clients willing to speak up about what 21 Handshake’s unique digital marketing concept has done for their business. If you find yourself nodding along on marketing pain points or needs in these stories, you aren’t alone! At 21 Handshake, we’re ready to take on your brand and make its digital footprint just as compelling as these success stories.

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For companies that haven’t made the jump into immersive digital presence, tackling something like Facebook marketing can feel a little like slogging uphill, with the potential to slip and backslide the whole way up. 21 Handshake flips the script and lets you coast downhill instead, building up momentum, followers, and credibility like a snowball. We’ll help you take on – and surpass – your competition with every tweet, post, and piece of website copy. The days when a simple face-to-face meeting was all you needed have faded – that’s why it can be such a struggle for an established business to gain traction with their digital audience. Today, your clients and customers have the internet at their fingertips and the time to compare and contrast products and services: if your brand isn’t out there, your competitors could win by default. Who are we? We’re the team that’s committed to making sure that your story is the one to read. That your brand is the one to trust. That your company is the one they’ve been looking for.

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We know that you already have your plate full with running your business; that’s why our Michigan marketing service team was specially created to be a tour de force that will revolutionize your digital presence. From inbound marketing that coaxes in new leads, content marketing that builds your brand to social media marketing that connects with customers, we’ve got an expert for that. Here are the men and women that make every “handshake” we produce a competent, friendly, and memorable one:

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